May 28th, 2023

The Purge vs Army of Darkness

2 - 7
Full Time


Date Time League Season
Nov 6th, 2019 7:30 pm Cadet Fall 2019


The Purge (2)0202Loss
Army of Darkness (1)1247Win

The Purge (2)

# Offense Position G A P PIM
Dom HurleyPlayer0000
Ryan BrickPlayer0000
Brandon ReesePlayer1010
Nate OtleyPlayer1010
Morgan KelleyPlayer0000
Cameron KitchenerPlayer0000
Adelyne LedbetterPlayer0000
Ethan LedbetterPlayer0000
Tyler McDormottPlayer0000
 Total 2020
# Defense Position GA
Tyler MillerGoalie7
 Total 7

Coach: Pat Brick

Army of Darkness (1)

# Offense Position G A P PIM
Owen TemplerPlayer0000
Logan HoffmanPlayer0000
Emily KvortekPlayer0000
Maurio DamianoPlayer2350
Max DeFlitchPlayer1010
DJ DudasPlayer0000
Darren DeRiggiPlayer2130
Payton BrennerPlayer0000
 Total 5490
# Defense Position GA
Kris PizzellaGoalie2
 Total 2

Coach: Ray Brenner


Harry Otley
Kevin Keller