May 28th, 2023

Doom Patrol vs Bomb Squad

1 - 0
Full Time

Blue did not have enough players so had to forfeit the game.


Date Time League Season
Aug 11th, 2018 1:00 pm Cadet Summer 2018


Doom Patrol (3)1001Win
Bomb Squad (1)0000Loss

Doom Patrol (3)

# Offense Position G A P PIM H SOG SA SV
Kevin DonovanPlayer00000000
JD SignorPlayer00000000
Dylan BrezePlayer00000000
Adam LoperPlayer00000000
Ryan BrickPlayer00000000
Nick SommererPlayer00000000
Max DeFlitchPlayer00000000
Quinn ReppePlayer00000000
Zander ReppePlayer00000000
Kaden ThompsonPlayer00000000
DJ DudasPlayer00000000
Kieran BairPlayer00000000
 Total 00000000
# Defense Position H SOG SA GA SV
Kris PizzellaGoalie00000
 Total 00000

Coach: Pat Brick

Bomb Squad (1)

# Offense Position G A P PIM H SOG SA SV
Dom HurleyPlayer00000000
Brendan ShaneGoalie00000000
David KondraciukPlayer00000000
Dom MillerPlayer00000000
Mario RitchiePlayer00000000
Maurio DamianoPlayer00000000
Morgan KelleyPlayer00000000
Tariq MillerPlayer00000000
Cameron ShanePlayer00000000
Ricky MatassaPlayer00000000
Jake ParkerPlayer00000000
Darren DeRiggiPlayer00000000
 Total 00000000
# Defense Position H SOG SA GA SV
Joe MillerGoalie00000
 Total 00000