Important Message From President Ryan Rose

Good afternoon Riverview families and alumni,

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Ryan Rose. I have been the President/ operator of Riverview Dek Hockey for the past eight wonderful years. During my tenor, myself and our group of volunteers through the years have done some very extraordinary work.

We started as a group of families that wanted to be more involved with the sport our kids fell in love with. We set out to create a safe place for kids to learn the game of hockey as well as fostering values that are important to becoming a well rounded adult. We believed, and still do, that sportsmanship and team work are fundamental building blocks to a strong foundation.

In 2014, I was chosen to be the representation of this vision. We started this organization with 12 kids and have grown it into one of the premier, family oriented spots within our dek hockey community. We are known as a place of change by many in this community.

It wasn’t easy to get where we are but it is definitely worth it. We fought many odds and obstacles to bring our dek into the forefront. One of our biggest accomplishments was obtaining lighting through various fundraisers. It took years, dozens of volunteers and countless fundraisers, but in May of 2017 we were able to raise $40,000.00 to have the lights Installed.

We have held a successful in house and All Star program where we have produced some of the best talent Western Pennsylvania Dek hockey has to offer.  We have multiple alumni that have been named to the USA Ball Hockey teams in their respective age groups as well as a great many offered the opportunity to try out. To properly represent those individuals that made said teams,  banners were created and hung proudly around the rink in their honor.

Riverview was the 1st organization to hold their yearly tournament for a worthy cause. We teamed up with Relay for Life almost immediately and continue to work with them early in holding our event. Each year, we donate a portion of our proceeds to them for cancer research. We have raised over $25,000.00.

Finally, most important, we successfully navigated through the obstacles of Covid with no exposure rate.

My happiest moment was watching kids have the choice of what logo represented them and play proudly in front of it.

With all that being said, there comes a time to pass the torch into the next generation of individuals with the same drive to continue the course.

I and a few others have spent the last few years training and advising this group in leading them to a place of comfortably and sureness to continue on the path that was laid many years prior.

In having said that, I would like to formally introduce the newest board that will represent Riverview into our next chapters, while I will be stepping back into a less prominent role.

Kevin Keller -President

Chris Porter- Vice President

Head of Coaches/ Consultant to Executive Board- Ryan Rose

Secretary-Hannah Kuhn

Treasurer-Shannon Porter

Scheduling-Richard Fancella

Chipmunk Coordinator-Jason Fate

MAL-Josh Toy

MAL-Mark Costa

In working closely with these individuals over the last couple of years, I believe that they are the best group to continue on our mission.

Oakmont rec board,  Robert Donatucci, Harry Otley, Robert Breze, Brandy DeRiggi, James Dold, Rich Churchfield, Kara Bugard, and Jamie Colesnik, thank you for trusting me in the beginning with this venture. Thank you for believing and trusting in me and our mission, now legacy, as it’s passed to the future.

To all the players, families, coaches, refs; it’s been an honor and privilege to be the one to work along side you. I’m grateful for all the relationships that have been made. Nothing is greater than watching a child become an adult and want to pass on the love of this sport.

I look forward to seeing what great things this board will do and the seeing our original vision continue.

Ryan Rose
Riverview Dek hockey