Social Media Policy

To protect the players and members of the Riverview Raptors Dek Hockey Association,  we are introducing a mandatory “Social Media and Networking Policy” with the following guidelines:

Social media and networking policy:

What not to do:

¤ Post information regarding parents, board members, players, clients, potential clients or anyone associated with or doing business with Riverview Raptors Dek Hockey.

¤ Use defamatory, harassing,  insulting, discriminatory, disparaging or embarrassing images or language.

¤ Post images or videos of fellow board members, players or parents doing business with Riverview Raptors Dek Hockey.

¤ Never engage players, coaches, board members, team parent or team player in social media based  conversations.

¤  Post, display or otherwise engage in activity that is derogatory or insensitive to individuals based on race, color, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability,  religion or national origin.

¤ Display or transmit content that is obscene or sexually explicit language images or acts.

The Riverview Raptors expect all parents, players, board members and relatives of all mentioned above to use social media and networking websites as such Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter in an appropriate manner.

Moreover board members, parents and players shall not use the Riverview Raptor logo or trademark on their social media and networking site. They shall not publish confidential or proprietary information on these personal sites and shall not reference or discuss Riverview Raptors members,  partners or customers on these personal sites. Board members, parents, and players are prohibited from using personal social media or networking sites to create transmit or intentionally receive any communications that are discriminatory, intimidating, threatening or contain hostel, degrading or offensive references to any person based on sex, race, nationality, religion, age, ethnicity, disability status, or sexual orientation.

Anyone who becomes aware of any board member, parent, player or relative of any of the aforementioned violating the social media policy must report the matter to the Riverview Dek Hockey board President as soon as practicable with documentation of the incident. All matters will be resolved on a case by case basis with repercussions up to and including expulsion from the league and if necessary law enforcement involvement.